Impulsive Buying?

What do you call a purchase that is totally unplanned but it did happen? hehe..That is what we consider as impulsive buying. Both of us happen to have that streak of bad traits in the gene..(keh keh..alasan!)

We were out on weekend after Hubby finished off his standby duty. The main plan was to drop by at the new house to meet up with the wiring guy. Since it was still early after the meeting has been completed, we decided to head off to the nearest shopping mall, and then this happened.

So as the result, instead of a new 1.5HP air cond in the master bedroom, we will have a new King size bed with a divan worth of RM2499 but bought at RM1. Nice deal, huh! Oh, for those looking for new bed, you can get a complete set (divan with mattress) for as low as RM1200 – after 50% off for mattress. However you have to go to Macy HQ in Wisma Minlon, Seri Kembangan to check out the deal.

The branch that we went to doesn’t have the mattress with discount up to 50%…the most they have is 30%. Now as I am writing this, I am thinking that I should have bought air cond and stick with our current cikai old queen bed anyway, but then again, no regret as who can get a divan for as cheap as RM1?


  1. Memang seinggit katil tu (set divan, headboard tu) tapi kena beli dgn tilam sekali la..tak boleh beli katil tu aje..hehe..

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