The Big 3-0!

Good God! It’s almost a week since my last update..huhu!

Apart from going through the past few days without much achievement (if you don’t consider the tasks of managing the house, clean the dishes, cook dinner, clear up the laundry and taking care of the little one as any significant contributions), I am not making much progress here..

I’m having hard time again swallowing some stupid remarks from people about how I am not working and not fully utilising my hard-earned degree (do every homemaker has to be uneducated to be entitled to stay at home??? duh!! ingat bela anak tak yah pakai ilmu ke?)

Enough said, this week will mark the big 3-0 of my life. Sometimes I can’t believe that I am no longer a 20’s..heh! Well, to hell with what people say, I am happy with who I am, I have a loving husband, a cute though most-of-the-time cranky son and as SIL stated on her visit 2 days ago, this year I got a big, super special present from Hubby – a house!

True, true..what more I could wish for. I am a well-educated woman who has it all, who doesn’t need to work to earn a living, no wonder others are so ‘jaki’ of me..keh keh!

Now I have to make plan on which eating places I want to dine in on my birthday..any suggestion? Japanese? Dim Sum? Western? Indian? Oh, the place must be child friendly, not a smoking zone, no too loud music, cramp places yang susah nak tolak stroller as my son will be with us celebrating his Mama’s birthday as well..heh!


  1. happy birthday, homemaker 🙂

    either you go to hotel’s buffet or ermm if western, i would suggesst chillis or italiannies.

  2. Thanks for the suggested we went to Italiannies..tapi anak aku tak suka la situ..masuk je terus melalak..air cond dia tak cukup sejuk..huhu!

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