A Weekend Well Spent

It has been a tiring weekend for us as a family, including the little one..heh! On Saturday, Hubby has a business meeting for a new freelance project while I conducted the craft class (the second last class held in the current house).

We went out in the evening to have dinner after I wrapped up the class (we were starving since Hubby came home after 2pm while the class has already started, thus no lunch for me and him as well..huhu!) Luckily we managed to shop a few things for the baby and bought magazines in MPH before the shops decided to observe the Earth Hour.

Oh, the Friday night was spent cleaning up my stacks of old magazines. At least half of them are ready to be sold to “surat kabar lama” anytime now…hehe! I even threw a lot of almost all of my old shoes in the shoes cabinet including my wedding shoes..(who will wear a 5-year-old worn out shoes to dinner anyway?) I woke up on Saturday morning with a back ache and pinggang nak tercabut feeling..another reason why I hate cleaning up..huhu!

On Sunday, Hubby has been kind enough to wake up early and went to our new house, waiting for the Macy measurement guy to measure our windows and sliding doors. He came home afterward with our lunch. After bathing the baby, we went to Macy to choose the curtain.

It took us longer to finish up the task since the measurement guy was still outside measuring other client’s house. So instead of a 1 or 2 – hour task it dragged on till 9pm when we managed to settle everything. I got more than what I hope and plan for, a venetian blind for the kitchen windows and a pair of roman blind with border for the master bedroom windows. The other 3 panels for the master bedroom are french pleat with border. Of course for the sliding doors in the living hall I chose the normal french pleat for day and night curtain (this time the sheer fabric for day curtains are much much better than the one we had in our current home..hehe!)

Oh, we didn’t get any wooden rod for the house since we are out of budget. But the plan to install rods in every rooms and living hall is still on since we already surveyed the price (after the 20% discount). So hopefully by the time Macy Sale is on next time, we will be able to afford all the rods..heh! I also asked the guy to include in additional aluminium tracks installation for the other 2 rooms which cost us another 200 plus…huhu! At least we can still use the old curtains we have now in the other rooms..(senteng pon senteng la, janji ada jugak curtain..heh!)

Well, that’s it people..it costs a lot to own a house, and it costs even more to make it as homely as possible. But at least in the end it will be our own..can’t wait to move in..hehe!

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