Our Baby’s Day Out

My 44 days berpantang is not over yet but we managed to go out last Saturday (Hubby said bukan dah 41 hari ke..so kira aci la kan since there are people who take berpantang only up to 40 days, heh!) So there we went to the Curve with baby..considered that as his first formal outing. I had good time eating cheese cake and black pepper chicken in Secret Recipe. Later had roti bakar in Kluang Station. Though I still can’t enjoy their teh tarik (takut baby kembung since I am BF)..lama lagi tu kena avoid tea..huhu!

We bought a few new pairs of baju for him, kesian dia baju harian semua dah lusuh2 since we only bought a few newborn size plus gifts from friends yg dtg melawat..but kira berbaloi la. We bought Sebamed facial lotion and shampoo as well since the current J&J lotion and top-to-toe wash that we have been using on him seems to be drying out his facial skin and scalp…(adakah anak lelaki aku akan jadi vain bila besar nanti? haha!)

We went to Metrojaya because I need to look for more swaddling blankets. I can’t believe that Metrojaya’s baby department has quite a good choice. They even have the Medela PureLan cream that I’ve been looking for before I gave birth. We tried the Fisher Price rocker but I think for now the baby won’t be enjoying it, maybe in another 2-3 months we will buy one. In the end I decided to buy Luvable Friend’s blankets as that the best choice I could find..they even have discount like 20%. I hate blankets that are too thick (the green Froggy Anakku), too small (Tollyjoy)..the hooded type..heh..macam aku plak yg pakai blanket tu.

For us, we bought magazines in Borders. Checked out the T700 at Sony Style. I don’t think anyone would like to buy my old T30 for a good price so there will be no chance to splurge on new gadget. Not that I need a new camera anyway.

The baby and I dropped by at Ikano’s nursing room and the Curve’s baby room for feeding and diaper changing. OK la but then I can’t understand why would fathers insist to go in as well knowing that the changing place and the nursing area are in the same space. Luckily there are curtains and cubicles (at the Curve) but I still felt awkward and uncomfortable.

Overall it was a nice experience for our first family outing. Of course it was kind of a hassle, have to bergilir makan, layan budak yang merengek tu, to bring all the stroller, car seat, baby bag etc but with any other new phase in life, I’m sure we will get used to it.


  1. Akhirnya….jejaln jugak…
    Meragam x si baby….
    klu BF sure cepat lapar kan….
    emmm nnt biasalh tu…hari2 bersama anak adalah memori indah boleh dikenang tp payah nak diulang…mrk ni cepat membesar tau2 je dah sekolah …take care.

  2. Satu lg kami pun dl ada beli J&J punya jenama tp kulit Najmi kering x tahan gak…konon nk jimat
    selain sebamed ada 1 lg jenama lupa lah pulak cuma ingat kaler botol je warna putih penutup merah (dah makin tua ni makin byk lupa)

  3. oh in my case, father’s help is needed to change baby. tak reti nk handle sorg2. kena sorg lg gak tlg pgg, kita wash2 baby. mcm tu la. tp ofcoz depends on conditions gak. if there’s mommy BFing inside, tak de la masuk. in fact, we’ll try to look other rooms at other levels, if possible.

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