The New Alas Meja..(Raya Prep Pt.II)

We went to the Curve and Ikano yesterday after the 4D scan at Vision College. Thought of trying the RM15.90 IKEA buffet but at 6:30pm the line to the cashier was like very, very packed..dah la tak boleh bayar dulu and book meja..ish tak kuasa la nak put up with such crowd..tu belum berebut nak amik makanan lagi..ended up having bukak puasa in Colonial Times..even Waroang Penyet was fully booked.

After that we went to Tesco nearby, why there were so many Indon, Bangla and all these foreigners nowadays? Fortunately there were few things like bamboo blind, plastic place mat, alas meja that I wanted to buy kalau tak, tak berbaloi je memenatkan diri.

Check out my new alas meja. The nicer one we bought at Jusco Equine, couldn’t find a bigger size for the dining table so have to use the green plain one bought in Tesco. But since Hubby has brilliant ideas to stack the cloth place mat underneath the plastic cover, cantik la sikit alas meja green plain tu..hehe..

I’m off from the kitchen for now, nak pegi beli santan some more, senduk lagi (baru je patah time kacau pulut..huhu) and some chicken for ayam masak merah. Will update the picture of my raya feast after tomorrow…selamat hari raya, peeps!

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