Ketupat Palas, Santan Segar..(Raya Prep Pt1)

I suddenly have the craving to eat ketupat palas with gulai (curry) daging for this Hari Raya. I was thinking lemang won’t taste the same, tak de excitement like when you open up the palas leave to eat the off we went to Alamanda with the plan to buy beras pulut, santan and whatnot after break fasting at any of the available eating outlets.

Turn out there were many people shopping in Alamanda on Sunday. At 6:40pm we were out of choice of places to berbuka (apart from Manhattan Fish Market and JM Baryani). So in the end we went to the Coast and got 2 seats for their buffet.

After that we went to Carrefour but all mission failed. I was looking for alas plastik for dining table, some plastic container to put all the sudu garfu for drying (after 5 years, the old one pecah already and Hubby threw it away), bamboo blind to put up on the kitchen window (now the window all very bersinar-sinar after Hubby cleaned up on Saturday)..satu pon tarak. Even santan M S and beras pulut pon habis…wah, I’m not the only one who want to eat pulut this Raya..huhu!

Hubby suggested we try kedai runcit nearby our place or pasar borong. So after buying my new pair of raya sandal, we went to pasar borong. Amazingly punya la banyak orang jual daging..jeng jeng..bought 1/2kg daging pejal, some daging cincang with lemak-lemak, freshly pressed santan and spices.

Funny thing, both of us tak kenal daun palas..punya la upset when we thought those daun palas are actually daun kelapa tak bukak lagi..keh keh..luckily I was gatal mulut tanya the seller “ni daun palas ke” Dengan tamaknya bought 2 ikat, in case la salah bukak daun or the daun terkoyak..amatur la katakan..seikat baru RM2, boleh dapat about 20++ biji ketupat tau (we bukak the daun and practise folding to 3 segi shape last night)..heh!

Last stop to Balaji, bought 1kg beras pulut and 2 packs of MS santan kotak. Ni baru la rasa mcm nak raya sebab boleh masak2 kan…now have to wait whether my first time ketupat palas menjadi ke tak..will update later as I need to get ready, we are going to KJ for 4D scan today.

Another mission after that to find alas meja, bamboo blind and bekas sudu..huhu!

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