Jeng, Jeng, Jeng…

Somehow I feel happier tonight..not sure whether it’s the beryani that makes my day or just the hormone raging in my head..heh!

I was a bit down after looking at pictures of old friends in Facebook, pictures of them excelling in their career, going everywhere globe trotting, on vacation, wearing great clothes, socializing, you know having and acting every bit of a successful career women..huhu..what do I miss here..wonder where I will be now if I never quit my job years ago..maybe I am a manager, or senior exec by now or whether I am still sane if I keep on working..haha! I was never good when it comes to work pressure, there was time when I fell sick twice a week during the last job I held..huhu! And that’s why Hubby is not very happy with me working full time because he knows it will only kill me in no time.

Despite all, I realize my life now is not that bad either. I can sleep and wake up any time I please (well, for the next few months at least), no need to wake up every morning and drag myself to work. I don’t even have to crack my head to think how to handle the financial situation, what bills to pay with so much that I earn…and no need to drive myself crazy to be too ambitious to get more and earn more. I can choose not to cook or clean and still no one will reprimand my action. Even without the monthly income I can still shop and dine to what we can afford..I should be happy to be in my current state.

So I went upstairs and told Hubby “macam nak beli kasut raya la..” Hubby replied, “OK, nanti kita pegi beli” I went downstairs with smiles in my heart .

It’s not the new shoes that counts (I don’t even need a new pair as we are not going anywhere special) but the assurance that somehow my life is being taken care of, happily and lovingly. I don’t need a career to gauge how much myself is worth of, I am simply happy with me and what I have all these while.


  1. gosh, r we having the same hormone cycle or whatever we should call it?? i was in a telco last nite and don’t know what got into me, i felt very tiny being in the team. compare myself with my other frens,where they are, where i am. and it made me rasa low as hell! if only he’s here, still head over heels with me, it would definitely make me feel a lot better. but the fact that he’s already in the other world, made me felt very2 insecure. so, what i’m trying to say is.. lucky lucky you!!

  2. hehehe…feel the same too…especially kalau tengok gambar kawan2 gi outstation or holiday kat oversea…keep thinking of opportunities and chances that I’m missing…but like you sometime I feel just happy being here instead of stressing in the rat race all over again…

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