Why Oh Why?

I seem to be out of ideas on what to do everyday..huhu..with no current project I just feel so bored at home. I can’t be spending the whole day before break fasting time, cooking in the kitchen. I usually spend about 1 hour the most to prepare and cook dinner unless I’m cooking some time consuming dish like rendang which might take more than 1 hour. Like Hubby always says I cook fast..haha!

Even the thought of cleaning up the room downstairs is too tiring (but that must be done by Hari Raya so that whoever coming will have place to solat and even for MIL to stay in during my confinement). I am telling myself I will pack up all those craft items in that room at night after berbuka but once berbuka I just feel really lazy and tired to move my butt from the sofa..heh!

I think I will put my mind and energy to clear up that room this weekend. It’s not much I know, just to clear up the mess on the carpet, on the bed, pack them up nicely, put in those pink boxes, stack the boxes somewhere, vacuum the carpet and when the time comes, change the bedsheet and pillowcase. Why do I always find house cleaning as the last thing for me to do on earth…huhu!

General view states that those who like to cook, hate cleaning, while those who love to clean, hate cooking..heh!


  1. i hate to cook AND to clean. camana tuh? hahaha.

    going back to ktn this sunday. if don’t get to talk to you, slamat hari raya.maaf zahir batin..sorry kalau ade terkasar bahasa eh.. take care!!

  2. Rasanya keje mengemas x sudah2 siapnya..bila dh kemas part A tau2 je part B dah bersepah mcm tu ler seterusnya. Sebb anak daraku boleh tahan jugak menyepah sampai abgnya merajuk xnk kemas bilik lagi.
    Dapur pulak biasa settlekan sekaligus pastu dah x nk masuk dapur lagi..hee fhm2 jelah…

  3. It’ll take me one whole day to clean up the living hall. just the hall, kitchen not included. That will another day to complete. Jenuh nak alih sofa and kabinet. Byk toys bersembunyi.
    In your condition tough, it’s not advisable to work your muscle too much. hehe..
    I don’t hate cleaning, but I can’t stand distraction. Guess that’s why it took me 2 days to clean up one floor. Hahaha…

  4. Anis, aku plak sekarang the tummy is the distraction..rasa mcm penguin je..nak duduk bgn berchenta rasanya, nak tunduk2 pon very uncomfortable..I guess for now bersepah pon bersepah la..

    Yin, part dapor tu kalo hari2 masak, nak kemas pon mcm tak de makna..esok2 berminyak balik..anak2 pon mcm2 perangai jugak, ada yg jenis pengemas, ada yg suka bersepah..hehe..kena bagi bilik sorang satu tu..baru la yg abg tak merajuk.. 🙂

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