We Know..Hehe…

As per previous entry, we went for the detailed scan and now we 99% know the gender of the baby..hehe..I will make sure of it the next time we go for the check up in August but for now, I think I am happy with whatever inside…girl or boy, Phoebe or Phoebo..hehe..although Hubby was hoping for this gender and I am hoping for that gender but I told him it’s OK as in 3-4 years time we will try for another child to complete a pair.

I am not really fond of going through another pregnancy but then if the next one is not going to be any worse than this, I think I will endure it. Told SIL about the baby and she is very, very excited. Now I can buy the appropriate color for the baby’s clothing and stuffs..hehe!

I still have quite a lot to be done for Niece’s wedding but for now I think I can still hit the dateline. The hantaran are all done, bunga katil, most of the guest favors, what is left in the list is bunga telur and the beading for the attire. That should be done by 5th August before we drive to Dungun on the 6th.

Pheww…another few more days (weeks?) before I can go on my honeymoon period, doing nothing, reading books, watching TV..heaven!

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