The Slow Connection

At last after like 3 days trying to update my blog, the connection tonight seems to be much better. Now I am lost for the story I should be writing here..heh!

Anyway, tomorrow I am planning to go for artificial flowers shopping for Hubby’s niece’s hantaran (and for the groom’s as well). And if I feel like it maybe we will go to Jalan TAR to get more stuffs for the bunga telur and bunga gantung, kain satin for the alas dulang plus beads for niece’s reception and nikah attire. I’m not sure how fast I can work everything out but I hope I can give most of the ready items by middle of July so that SIL and Niece will be able to bring back the items to Dungun.

Hopefully by next, next week I would be able to get the bulk koko jelly for the guest favors. I have found info about a wholesale sweets shop online but we still need to go and find the place. I read that the shop also has lollipop..told SIL about that, and she was like very excited..biasa la ibu2 pengantin surely excited nak buat first wedding event ni kan..then somewhere in July we have to go to Bagan Lalang to buy the kerepek ubi she plans to put in packs as part of the guest favors.

Come to think of it, I hope there will be a lot of guests coming for the wedding because she plans to give out like bunga telur, cupcake, sweets for kids, kerepek ubi and whatnot, even tapau nasi kenduri and lauk pauk. But then perhaps her friends all over Dungun will come since the wedding will be held on Friday, Terengganu’s day off. Otherwise it will all be a waste, God forbid!

I should be hitting the pillow soon, otherwise I might not be able to wake up tomorrow for all the shopping..gosh, I really hate going shopping now. Feel like it’s really a chore. Motivating myself, lagi cepat settle, lagi cepat boleh relax..heh!


  1. semuga majlis tu berjalan lancar.. semalam pegi satu wedding.. hiasan dalam nya bertema bunga bungaan.. katanya penuh le segala ruang yg ada di hias bunga hidup.. agaknya kerja kat nursery kot hehe

  2. org sekarang mmg all out utk majlis perkahwinan ni..semua ada theme..time MQ dulu..belasah aje..janji dpt kawin..hehehe..

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