Blame It On Mee Kuning

We had terrible stomachache on Monday..blame it on the mee kuning. I used brand Win, I think I’ve used that before and the same type of sakit perut the day’s been quite a long time since my last cooking using mee kuning so I kinda forget which brand gives terrible pain.

I called SIL and she said she had the pain as well but not her husband..heh! I guess I have to make my own mee kuning after this if I were to enjoy the mee kuah or any mee type of cooking.

I seem to be getting terrible headache these days. Hubby said must be the hormone charges and all with this pregnancy. I wish I can do nothing all day but I have a lot to settle for Niece’s wedding. Perhaps after 8th August I can relax all I want..heh! Sometimes I do think that my body never really cut out for such thing like pregnancy..but then again, it’s only 5 more months to go..more or less..

I need to get back to whatever stuffs I have to get done, well at least some for today. Just see how things going on tomorrow, hopefully it’s better and less headache.

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  1. Emm kat sini pun ssh gak nk cr keluaran bumiputra.
    Mak sy ada pesan klu pregnant better jgn kerap makan mee kuning tu pantang org dl sbb warna kuning tu tp bila pk2 balik ingrediant yang diguna dan x letak info kat luar tu ada logiknya. Klu reti buat sendiri lg bagus.
    Take care

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