Mee Kuah, Acar Limau, Terubuk Masin

I’m not very fond of eating beef these days but I am cooking mee kuah tonight. Well, not really cooking because I am still waiting for the ribs to be I think I really need to buy a pressure cooker.

(after almost 2 hours)

I am done with cooking the kuah, in fact since the ribs are bountiful, I have to cook the kuah in two separate periuk..otherwise one pot will be full of ribs and less kuah for the noodle..heh! Note to myself, buy a bigger periuk cap buaya..something bigger than the current 22cm and 24cm! I even did some food tasting, mesti la kan, esok nak bagi org mkn, tukang masak kena rasa dulu. My SIL is coming with her husband, my niece and her fiance, so since last time I didn’t cook anything (just ordered Pizza Hut) malu la plak kan..”rajin” sgt maksu asyik2 order pizza..haha!

Hubby said I shouldn’t feel that way because I am the pregnant one, in fact SIL should bring me food..ada ke pikir camtu..But I did mention to her teringin nak mkn pajeri nenas, bukan bleh kira SIL tu, tgk2 dia masak esok..I feel bad menyusahkan org though I know she really doesn’t mind. Usually if you like cooking you will feel flattered and satisfied if people like your food, especially your loved ones.

Well, I did mention in the title above about acar limau and terubuk masin. The seller online said she will go to Pekan Rabu to look for acar limau..kes ibu mengandung yang mengidam la ni..the terubuk masin I ordered from a seller in Kuching. So once I get the full set boleh la makan dgn nasik panas2 plus kicap..heh! Thanks to online shopping now everything is available.

So I guess since I am full of mee kuah and tired of all the cooking, I better hit the pillow. I hope Hubby will manage to celur the noodle, sayur etc for his lunch while waiting for me to wake up tomorrow…hehe!


  1. Wah sungguh rajin….
    Nsb baik tetamu inform awal, mcm sy sbb dah hari jumaat nk balik hantar MIL, tetiba hubby’s old friend dtg, cuma makan lauk simple yg ada jelah kesian.

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