Looking For WordPress Themes?

*This post is written for topwpthemes.com*

I feel like doing some revamp on my wordpress themes for most of my blogs but I think I have to wait for Hubby to do it for me..heh! Especially with all the banner and paid links, it would be a hassle when I get stuck with the coding.


Anyway, while browsing, I found this site that offers many great themes for WordPress powered blogs.

If you are one of those people who like to change your blog theme every now and then, go and download quality and professionally designed WordPress templates for free at TopWPThemes.com

I kind of like this Fractalrainbow theme since it is made of 2 columns and have right side bar, same like my theme now. If I were to start a shopaholic blog, I might go for theme like Shopping Manual.

Nay, with this pregnant belly, I’m not in the mood of shopping at all, not even online..heh!Perhaps later once the baby pops out, I will share my enthusiasm in buying baby stuffs and come out with a new blog. For sure I will go dig out the themes suitable at the site..heh!

If you are new in using WordPress powered blogs, don’t despair. They have a page on easy installation guide. Just go, read and figure it out yourself..(easy for me to say..haha!)


  1. Me too…revamp everthing in blog
    w/pun xde basic IT langsung kena bljr gak sbb dah amanah partner bg muka baru utk blog kedai.Still try n error. Nnt engineer repairkan.

  2. Salam…

    i ader baca pasal mesin jahit raleigh u…boleh tau u beli kat mana? dah puas i cari kat KL ni tp tak jumpa ..please ..TQ in advance

  3. Yin, bila dah kena buat tu, tak reti pon terpaksa di reti kan..hehehe..

    Miza, I beli kat kedai letrik, sederet dgn standard ctd bank bandar puteri puchong..tak tau la sekarang ni ada lagi ke tak..

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