Few More Days

I went out to Alamanda today, with the initial plan to have noodle set at TCRS. Then I realized since the credit card due is on 1st June and it will be on Sunday, I might as well deposit the cash today. Since I have some money from craft class I don’t need to go to ATM to withdraw Hubby’s money..heh! Good choice as well since people were queuing up at ATM machine to withdraw their salary.

After the lunch cum dinner of Honey BBQ noodle, I was thinking to buy some groceries at Carrefour but looking at the crowds, tak payah la..went to Parkson and MPH but didn’t find anything interesting to buy. Even the June edition of my usual monthly magazines are not out yet.

So in the end I bought cookies at Famous Amos and jeruk timbang campur-campur..makan sampai ngilu gigi..heh..on the way home, baru teringat, I should have checked the Cold Storage branch dah open ke belum…aiseyy..nvm, next time la..

For supper I had naan and tandoori, baik mamak yang amik oder tu tolong bayarkan bill kat kaunter, and come back to give the change..tak penat kaki aku berjalan..maybe he saw I was alone waiting for the food..tomorrow I’m going to the usual car workshop to service the car..kesian my Kelisa, long overdue for service and terribly dirty with dust and whatnot..dah baper bulan tak basuh..haha!

For now Hubby is online, standby on the job in the hotel room eventhough Americans are enjoying their Memorial day off. That’s all for today, I want to continue YM with Hubby..heh!

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