Fever, Sore Throat, Hungry..

I was down with sore throat and fever since yesterday (in fact I didn’t feel very well since Monday) but since Hubby is not around, terpaksa la menggagahkan diri, pretending as if tak de apa2..huhu..I went to see the doctor yesterday and she said my temperature was high..huhu!

Ate bihun sup I bought at the usual restaurant, took the medicine and fell asleep while waiting to watch Bones. Woke up at 12am since SIL called. I didn’t tell her that I was down with fever when we talked on the phone earlier. So she thought I might still be up watching TV or doing my craft work. We talked for quite some time and after that I went out to buy burger.

Took another dose of medicine and went to sleep again. I thought of waking up a little bit earlier to buy lunch but once it started to rain heavily, I thought what the heck, just continue sleeping..heh!

So here I am at 8:20pm, thinking what to have for dinner. Can’t wait for Hubby to come home, nak pegi pasar malam..huhu!

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