The Decoupage Class

Despite the hassle of getting all the materials – brushes, hair dryers, mugs and out of stock sealer and varnish for the decoupage class, I managed to conduct the 2 sessions classes on Thursday and Friday last week very well. Thanks to Hubby for being supportive in finding and scouting for the materials. Pat on my back as well, heh!

My first class only has around 20 students but by the last day, the second session, the attendance grew to almost 30 plus the last minute Pengarah who was so excited to decoupage her mug..hehe! Come to think of it, I should have taken some pictures with her but since she came in after my time was supposed to be up, I was just not thinking anything else but to proceed with my plan to go to KL to get materials for corsages order (dateline 14Dec). Lesson learned, never take the ride on ERL and LRT during after office hour..huhu!


Here is one picture with the second batch of the students. I think not all are in this picture, camera shy maybe. I was told that they are going to submit the class pictures to their Jabatan buletin and website (intranet?). Who knows more Puspanita from other Jabatan would like to invite me for their activity later (for their next year’s budget, perhaps!)

I think I prefer conducting classes than doing commission work and completing orders. Oh, my Aussie client has sent her wedding pictures. Glad that my bunga pahar and corsages did help to brighten her wedding. I will update the pictures in website portfolio soon. Oh, not to forget I need to scan the newspaper article and bunga songket pictures in Ratu Sehari magazines, there are more pictures in the IV edition.

I will be attending Folk Art Class hosted by the Laman Impiana magazine this 8th December in Shah Alam. At last I manage to get a seat. I just hope the brushes I bought on eBay could arrive before the class date, but come to think of it, I doubt it. I’m sure it has arrived but got stuck with the custom..huhu!

See you all around, I might not be able to update this blog very often, plus this week is supposed to be my wedding anniversary is right at the corner..hehe!


  1. Sejak ada notebook boleh online kat living hall ni, jarang naik bilik keje kat atas utk guna desktop, tu yg lagi lambat nak scan semuanya tu..scanner sambung kat pc di atas tu..heh!

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