A Disappointing Day

It started around 4am when I was about to go to sleep. There was one opp in PayPerPost that I would like to post so after writing the entry, copying and pasting all the codes as given, the error keep on coming up that I did not insert all the link and code given..damn! I kept checking what might go wrong but until 7am I still couldn’t submit the post. Frustrated with the error, I sent a ticket to their help desk. I know it will take some times to get any reply but what else could I do.

Then at 9:10am, I was awaken by loud noise outside of my house. There was one big truck with Indon workers with an excavator, backhoe whatever you call it. I was not sure what they did outside though I did peek from behind my living hall curtain. Since the notebook was on, I tried to resubmit the post again, but the same error kept coming up. Fine, let it be a draft then though I really like the entry and the images of the logbook..huhu!

So off I went to continue sleeping although I was not in a happy mood. Woke up around 2pm and saw a yellow envelope in my mail box. I ran out to take out the envelope, must be the Wild Mushroom papers so I really don’t want the papers to be folded in two for long. What good will a scrapbooking paper do if it is folded in two before you can actually decide what layout to make out of it.

And once I opened the envelope I noticed that the papers are not double sided cardstock type..huhu! No wonder the price is cheap but since I paid USD15 for shipping, I still feel disappointed. Checked the description given by the seller, yes she didn’t say it should be a double sided cardstock papers. My fault after all!

Well, things are done and choices have been made, no point of feeling down even though it did not turn out the way we want it to be, right? Hopefully the next batch of stickers and embellishment sent by the sellers won’t be a disappointing lots..huhu!


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