Are You The Gossip Girl?


There is new TV series premiering this September. If you like something like the O.C or any kind of series which revolves around life of socialite young adults growing up on New York’s Upper East Side, check out Gossip Girl.

Actually Gossip Girl is a blogger who writes about the latest news among those elite people. You know all kind of vicious rumors and who’s who and doing what kind of story. No one knows who she is but they rely on her blog for the updated scoop.

You can read about the pilot of Gossip Girl here. Or if you can’t wait to see the premiere check out the preview of the Gossip Girl here. I have watched it and I think I like it.

The once most notorious party girl, Serena van der Woodsen does not look that bitchy either. Maybe its her past reputation that makes her the talk of the people but I think from the preview, her friend Blair Waldorf is more believable to afraid of. Oh, I love the guy between them, Nate Archibald. He looks innocent and trapped against his own feeling for both of them.


If you feel you might like the drama of those rich and famous but not so old, elite Upper East Siders, don’t miss the coming premiere. Wouldn’t it be cool to know who is the real Gossip Girl? But I bet you will only know who she is by the end of the series..hehe!

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