Splenda Just Splendid!


OK, first of all for those who never heard of the name, Splenda is a company which come out with sugar substitute, the new age sweetener like in this picture. They have all kinds of no calorie sweetener which is good for those with sweet tooth but would like to watch on their weight..hehe! You can find the kit for baking, for your coffee and lemonade, and packed sweetener for those always on the go.

But my main point here is to introduce their new site which sells products for the kitchen and home. For example if you check the page on cooking and baking, you will notice that they have unique kitchen appliances like food processor (which I hope I can get one soon), waffle maker, blender, hand mixer and so much more that will make the chore of preparing ingredients to bake just a breeze. You know, if you ever tried to whip those mixture of butter and sugar with wooden spoon for 3 cakes, you will understand what I’m talking about.


If you want to surprise those blooming baker heart in your daughter, maybe giving her a stand mixer for a birthday gift will splurge more interest for her to churn out more bakery products at home. And don’t forget to sign up and join their mailing list in order for you to get info on new products, great ideas on recipes and healthy tips. You will be enjoying the splendid life with Splenda in no time.


With all these appliances, what is more fun than playing chef in the Splenda kitchen..haha! Now which appliances should I buy first?

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