Mars And Venus Together Forever

I managed to let go of my bunga telur task for the past 2 days, Hubby said I took day off..hahaha..I managed to read this book up to chapter 5, last chapter I stopped at was at Chapter 3, I guess…

What a great new perspective it gave to me in understanding how different man and woman think in the same situation. Yet those misunderstandings create wound in relationship without either party to realize that what actually drive them apart is the way they look at things differently.

I really recommend this book to anyone interested to maintain a lasting relationship, no matter how long you have been together there are still lots of things that actually we need to re learn and learn in order to be a better partner in life.

Will continue reading this after I finish my new bunga telur order, 50 more bunga telur biru to go, dateline 10 March…way to go

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