SK II – Imitation or Original Product?

A friend chatted with me a few weeks ago about a bid in of SK II product. It seems that her friend was interested to get hold of the item since the seller was actually a friend of a dealer of SK II. Since she got it directly from Japan without the tax, that was why the whole set only cost around RM100.00. I was like…what the..

So to satisfy my curiosity on why she can sell it at such a low price, I checked the picture of the product on the website. First thing that I noticed was the wrong spelling of “TRAIL SIZE”…shouldn’t it be TRIAL instead of TRAIL? hahahah…and the packaging was like, oh come on, for renowned brand with membership of its own, even the imitation should know better…

Well enough said, I kind of feel sad for people who fall prey to this kind of evil scheme. God knows what they put inside of those bottles, and yet it is skincare products that you want to put on your face to make it look prettier, healthier, whiter, fairer. When we go for skincare products, it is not because of the brand, or the prestige that it has, but the benefit that it can give to your skin. There’s no point of using it simply because of the brand yet the truth is, it is actually an imitation. Oh BTW, please compare the facial treatment cleanser, those on the bottom left, the tall red tube with Japanese writing in the wrongly spelled box set with the one on upper right, the white tube with no Japanese writing. Can you spot the difference?

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