Seafood Delivery – Shop Online Direct To Your Front Door

Last month I tried the service of Seafood Delivery after reading the advertisement in Facebook. They deliver fresh seafood from Kuala Perlis direct to your front door for the Klang Valley area.

The price quoted in the package is inclusive of the delivery charge. If you want to add on items you can do so after choosing one of the packages. The cheapest package is RM45 for package A.



For the first purchase I chose package E1 and add 1kg of ikan kembung. They sent the items around 5pm as per my request since I was home. For those who are working, they do their seafood delivery at night.


The 1kg of ikan kembung as in the above picture were all cleaned and packed nicely. You just have to pack it in your own packaging to store in the freezer for later use. What I love the most about the fish they delivered is that it was very fresh. The way they cleaned the fish is also very neat.


The half chicken was cut into pieces. You just have to rinse with clean water and it will be ready to be cooked.


Even the squids were cleaned. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning the squid ink. The beef was cut into big chunks like that. They sell imported beef, not the local one.


The prawn was not deshelled. Some people might prefer to have the shell intact when cooking certain dish with prawn. The other pack in the picture was ikan selayang/sardin. The fish was cleaned properly just like the 1kg ikan kembung I ordered separately from the package.

Overall I am really satisfied with their service. All the communication between the seller and me, and the delivery person was done via WhatsApp. It is convenient to get all the wet ingredients like chicken, fish and prawn delivered to your doorstep without having to brave the traffic.

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