Panasonic Blender MX-GM1011H


After almost a decade, the blender that comes with the food processor I have been using for cooking gone kaput. I was using it to blend ginger and garlic and when I wanted to pour the paste inside the container, the bottom part of the blender got stuck, the black rubber ring got loose and everything became a mess, a garlicky ginger mess..haha!

Actually I have been planning to buy a new blender that has a dry mill for quite some time before the garlic ginger incident happened. Since my first blender was a Panasonic, I decided to get a new one this time.

What I like best about Panasonic blender is that the jar comes with a stick that proves to be useful when you need to stir whatever you are blending. Phillips doesn’t have that stick in their blender.

I also noticed that for this blender model, the jar is one piece. You don’t have to take out the bottom and upper part of the jar when you need to clean it, thus there’s no rubber ring to be worried about. You might need a long brush like the one you use to clean bottle if you need to scrub the part below the blades.

I have also tested the dry mill. I put about 10 black peppercorn in the dry mill just to check how strong the blade could be. Almost all the peppercorn were reduced to small particles. I am yet to try grinding some other ingredients.

For this particular blender set I bought them through Lazada. With delivery charges it costs me less than RM90. Overall I am happy with my purchase. My son said the new blender is quite noisy compared to the old one we have but for me it’s OK as long as I can get the ingredients for my daily cooking blended nicely..haha!

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