A KitKat Transformers Birthday Cake

I have decided to have a KitKat cake for my son’s 7th birthday this year.

I have a friend, Luscious Brownies & Cakes who made delicious cake for almost all my son’s party all these years. So after finding a good example of KitKat cake, I have requested the cake to be sent like this.


The reason why there’s no decoration on top of the cake is because I was not sure how to put the Optimus Prime (which has been transformed to a truck, as shown in the next picture) on the cake.


Dear Son decorated his own birthday cake a few hours before the party started. We bought Maltesers, M&M and tiny chocolate chips from Jaya Grocer. The initial plan was to put a lot of those choc pieces but after some thoughtful consideration we only used a little bit of each, so as not to have a crowded looking cake.


The candles were bought in Toys R Us. Found one with number 7 in Alamanda branch.

The kids who came for the party were excited to have the KitKat, not so much for the cake. Their parents were the one who seem to enjoy eating the cake, haha!

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