Gardening At Home

This is what I let Hubby and Dear Son #1 do during weekend that we don’t go out to shopping mall 🙂 Gardening!!

Usually I am the one who will fill up the sowing tray with soil and then I will let Son #1 put in seeds inside the tray hole. He will choose seeds that are big enough for him to handle. Mind you, seeds for plants like petunia are very, very small that if you are not careful, a gush of wind could blow everything away from your palm.

Today I have checked the sowing tray and was really excited to see more seeds have sprouted. Yesterday it was morning glory, purple zinnia and cucumber, and today, it’s ox heart tomato and sunflower. I just hope this time butter crunch lettuce will grow because I have tried sowing the seeds for 3 times and none ever sprout..huhu!

Let see how green fingers those father and son could be!

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