The Hardest Job

The other day, a journalist and a photographer came to my house for an interview and photo shoot session. This time the article will be featured in Malaysian Airlines in flight magazine, Going Places for September issue.

As I was showing them how I make a bunga telur from basic materials, she asked how I start the business 8 years ago, why I choose the name and what it takes to make a good bunga telur.

I was trying to answer her questions as intelligently as I could while my hands were busy assembling the pieces. My baby was crying in the other room while my husband was trying his best to entertain him, and at the same time preventing my autistic son from escaping to the craft room. (Well, I am after all a Work-at-home-mom as I have warned them earlier!)

And then one unexpected question was asked..

“What’s the hardest job you have ever done?”

My quick answer was “raising my children”. And then I realized she was referring to the bunga telur custom made order I’ve ever done for a client.

I gave her my business related answer and then she replied “well comparing this to raising the children, making this bunga telur is just like a piece a cake for you..”

True enough!

I am a work-at-home mom, so my views and answers regarding this bunga telur making business is definitely different than those with shop, overhead cost, employees and monthly commitment to pay 🙂

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  1. While reading this eantry you remind me of my sister who chose to resign from her job as a lecturer twenty years ago to do handcraft from mengkuang, her love. Wish you success.

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