Aromatic Basil/Daun Kemangi

A friend gave this plant a month or two before I was struck with morning sickness. She said it’s a herbs that could be used in cooking. Later I found out that this is aromatic basil or daun kemangi (known among Malays). I usually find these leaves to be used in Thai dishes and couldn’t really eat them for the strong flavor and taste.

However since the plant is growing really well despite the lack of care since July, I decided to prune the stalks and change the position of the pot to a sunny spot.

I actually love the purple and white flower that this aromatic basil has. I’m not sure what’s the best way to propagate it but I would like to have a few more pots of these kemangi plant in my garden.

Updated: After further reading, this plant is known as Thai basil. Daun Kemangi is actually lemon basil. There are many varieties of basil, the one used in pesto is known as Sweet Basil with green big leaves.

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