On The Lazy Eye

We went to Subang Parade yesterday after my son’s therapy session in Sunway Medical Centre.

While letting him play at Mc Donalds, a Chinese mother asked me about my son’s spectacles. I told her he has to wear it because of his lazy eye problem.

I was surprised when she said she has the same problem too when she was a child. Now she only has one good eye to rely on, the right one is very blur even when she wears specs to improve her vision. She said it is hard for her to read. Back then, most parents were not aware about such problem. She added that it’s really good that we know about the eye problem at an early age and do something about it.

It makes me realize that with all the hardship we have to go through now, it will only pay off in 20-30 years time. In 20 years time, I hope my son will understand that we have done our best to accommodate his special condition. I pray that he will have both eyes in good sight so that he can see his children playing and read to them.

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