Bunga Pahar Stokin Cream And Gold

On Christmas day last year I managed to complete this bunch of bunga pahar stokin in cream and gold. A client ordered 80 pieces of these bunga pahar for her daughter’s wedding next March. Yes, it took me a long time to complete such order. I used to make bunga pahar in a month or two with 10-12 hours of work daily before I have a child. Now I would be happy if I could sit down and do some work in 1-2 hours uninterrupted.

I think that’s the real challenge of working at home with child, especially if you have a child with special need. I am not complaining, just sharing my experience with others who are thinking of having a business at home while in the same time want to handle your household and take care of your child without having any help (no daycare/no maid).

For the year of 2013, I will no longer take any bunga pahar custom made order. It is just too time consuming for me. I will only take order for hand bouquet and decoupage. I hope I can conduct more craft class this year. I am thinking of conducting new classes like 3D decoupage, crackle effect, hand bouquet for bunga dip and bunga stokin or even maybe brooch bouquet. What do you think? Anyone interested to learn? hehe..

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