BungaTelur.com In Majalah Hantaran Cinta

The journalist and cameraman for the magazine Hantaran Cinta came for the photo shoot session in June.

These came out in their bilangan 12 edition..I think the cover photo is Irma Hasmie.

I made one gubahan hantaran using tin biskut which has been decoupaged. For the bunga dulang I use bunga dip in purple and pink.

This one for the gubahan hantaran I’m using a mengkuang box. For the bunga dulang, I made some arrangement using leftover songket from Bibah Songket. Thanks Sabrena 🙂

And the last one of bunga dulang was made using bunga stokin in turqoise. This time I used the combination of black and silver with the blue. I didn’t use any box or container to put barang hantaran.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to DIY your own gubahan hantaran.

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