BungaTelur.com On TV

I received a comment from Puan Hasnia of RTM1 on Wednesday in BungaTelur.com facebook whether I will be interested to do a live demo on Selamat Pagi 1Malaysia on Saturday.

I was freaked out because first, I have never done any demo or interview for TV show and second, I was not really prepared with materials to display during the show because of the short notice.

But Hubby said this is a great opportunity not to be missed. So I called the given number and messaged her but to no avail. Well, if things are meant to be, it will happen, right?

On Thursday she replied my comment on FB and texted me on my biz phone. We were supposed to go and bring our son to see the ENT specialist but I thought just give her a call and see whether things could go well. I managed to speak with the show producer, Puan Khadijah and everything is confirmed for the Saturday slot. Mine will be at 8:20am.

So on Saturday morning while most people usually sleep in, as soon as we finished Subuh prayers, we headed to Angkasapuri, Wisma TV. It was really a great experience for me to see how they do the live telecast on the corridor. When we arrived around 7am, the camera were already set up, the crews were everywhere. I was ushered to the make up room and then once the make up was done, I put out things to be displayed.

I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was too anxious..huhu! But as I was waiting for my turn to go on TV, I kept on telling myself that this is like showing and talking to my craft students, except this time it will be aired on TV and people who wake up early on Saturday and watch TV1 could be watching me..heh!

About 10 minutes before it starts, the host came to the area and I told her about decoupage. Luckily I being a chatty person told her all about decoupage in brief because she has no idea that’s the topic I want to talk about that day. She thought it will be about gubahan hantaran bunga dulang.

By 8:46 everything was aired..haha! Phewww..you will never know how long a 13 minutes air time could be until you get to be bombarded with spontaneous questions. Puan Hasnia came and told me that they serve breakfast for guests. Once I put things back into the box and Hubby took it to our car, I brought Dear Son along into the VIP room for breakfast.

Wahh..not bad ehh RTM..the Datuk who talks about rumah mampu milik was having his breakfast as well but I was too busy entertaining my son who said the tea is too hot for him to sip..haha! We reached home around 10am and I took a nap because I have decoupage class that afternoon.

Overall it was a really good experience for us as a family. Thanks to Hubby and Son for being so supportive and cooperative that day. I won’t be doing it if it’s not for their encouragement and understanding all these years.

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