Moms Networking Tea Talk

After 3 years being at home raising my son on daily basis, I told my husband that I wanted to attend this Networking Tea Talk. I got the info from a moms group I joined in FB.

The guest speaker is Ms Zaliza Alias, the founder of Genius Aulad. I was interested to know how she started the business and how she handled her family since the very beginning of her venture.

I learned a great deal from meeting her in person. She is such a friendly and humble person. It is also amazing to know that her two eldest daughters are now being home schooled. I will need to find more info about homeschooling as it has been in my mind to homeschool my son if he’s not OK with formal education in normal school.

Oh, I also met Hubby’s old schoolmate and found out that she has been reading my blog..isk isk..she said she Google about mom who works from home and found my blog. This is the second time someone told me in person that they have been reading my blog and find it interesting to read what are the challenges of working at home while raising a child.

When it was my turn to introduce my business and show to them the sample of my craft work, most of the participants asked whether I conduct class for children. Well, I’ve been getting that question since last year I think.

Personally I am terrified of the idea of teaching young minds other than my own son. What if I crush their spirit, dampen their interest in craft if I say something related to their work..I think after 6 years of conducting craft class for adults, I get the idea of how to handle adult students, but young children..that’s a different realm.

Perhaps I should look for a quick course on teaching children from any of the nearest early childhood learning centers. They must know much more than I do, right? Till then I don’t think I am confident to open class for children.

So, how’s your weekend? Have you done anything beneficial for your social and business/career growth lately? Feel free to share.

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