Fabric Lollipop and Crochet Hairclips

2 friends ordered these hair clips since last year..huhu! I know it took me ages to find the matching yarn, crochet the flower and the butterfly, then find the matching embroidery floss to sew the flower on the felt and then later sew the felt into hair clips shape.

I decided to give each of them a complimentary fabric lollipop hairclip based on the color of their Hari Raya attire this year.

As my son grows up, I face another set of challenge in doing my craft work. Every time I sit down and work on my creations, he will insist to help along..huhu! When I’m sewing, the thing I am so scared he will grab is the thread sniper. Even the normal scissors is not as dangerous as the sharp sniper.

I am so happy that I finally managed to complete the orders. I think I will have to wait another few months to take new order for hair clips like these unless I’m willing to stay up to sew after he falls asleep. Well, what do you know..the challenge of being a crafter and work at home mom..haha!

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