Eclipse – Book 3 of Twilight Saga

“The clouds I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse.”

Among all the 4 books in the Twilight saga, my personal favorite is Eclipse. Yes, I finally bought it on Monday while going shopping for groceries..haha!

If the first two books (Twilight and New Moon) are about the crush/first love experience and a separation which almost led to fatal end, the plot for the third book is more enjoyable. There are a few parts where you can read about how Edward and Bella are jealous with each other. And Edward being a 100-plus year old vampire kept on proposing to Bella to marry him before he will change her into vampire and got turned down because who would want to get married at 18, anyway..hehe!

Despite the almost happy beginning in the first few chapters of the book, the old enemy Victoria from the previous books still won’t rest and now they have to be strong to fight the army of newborns. This is when the werewolves and the vampires allied together to protect Bella.

The ending is quite good and sad as well since they finally managed to kill the enemy and Bella accepted Edward’s marriage proposal. The sad part is Jacob was so heart broken to accept the fact that Bella loves Edward more than him and decided to run away into the forest.

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