Empress Orchid by Anchee Min

I finally get to read this book after planning to buy it for quite some time. I have a few copies (new books not used) to sell at RM20 for anyone interested. Kindly leave comment or email if you would like to buy.

It’s a historical fiction about the life of the last Empress who ruled China before the country’s Forbidden City of Qing Dynasty collapsed. The western world know her as Empress Cixi (Tzu-Hsi) who they said was power hungry, ruthless but profoundly skilled in court politics.

The first book of Empress Orchid (the second part is in the book The Last Empress) will tell you how she became the palace concubine and then raised to the power after giving birth to the Emperor’s only son. Whether she was really that mean and ruthless as empress in real life, we would never know but I like reading the book because it makes me realize that even being a royalty and live in a palace filled with servants doesn’t guarantee you a good life.

After I finish reading the second book, I decided to watch the movie – The Last Emperor. It is a good book for those who feel like travelling back in time to the Forbidden City.

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