Craft Books For Sale

Often time people who came to learn decoupage told me that they are interested to learn about folk art or decorative painting. I told them that they need to find a personal teacher as it is not something you can learn in an hour or two. It takes a lot of practice in order to have the perfect stroke.

Of course not everyone has the time and resources to attend such class. I have 2 craft books that are related to folk art or decorative painting for sale. Each of them cost RM35. I have checked with MPH, and they don’t have the stock for such books, but the retail price is RM99.90.

The first book is by Priscilla Hauser – Book of Roses. I have 3 more in stock.

Inside you will learn about what kind of brushes, paints you might need to start decorative painting. There are patterns that you can photocopy and enlarge to suit the size of your painting medium.

This is some of the step by step techniques you will learn from this book. What you need is perseverance to get a perfect stroke.

Another one is by Donna Dewberry. She is a housewife, a mother of 7 children and a self-taught artist, who picked up different painting tips where she could and learned by observations. I used to follow her video online. I even bought some of the materials from ebay. Since not everyone is accessible to Internet all day long, having her book is another great way to learn her famous one stroke painting technique.

This is one of her books : Donna Dewberry’s Quick & Easy Murals. I have 4 more in stock.

There are 300 step by step pictures for you to follow.

You will learn how to paint rose, vine, leaves, hydrangea, blue bird and bird bath just to name a few.

So if you are interested to learn from those books, feel free to leave comment or email me to buy any of them. I will try to get back as soon as possible. The postage charge and handling per book via Poslaju for West Malaysia is RM8, and for Sabah and Sarawak is around RM11.

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