The Personal Bill of Rights For All Human Beings

1. Life should have choices beyond mere survival.

2. You have the right to say ‘NO’ to anything when you feel you are not ready or it is unsafe.

3. Life should not be motivated by fear.

4. You have the right to all of your feelings.

5. You are probably not guilty.

6. You have the right to make mistakes.

7. There is no need to smile when you cry.

8. You have a right to terminate conversations with people who make you feel put-down or humiliated.

9. You can be healthier than those around you.

10. It is OK to be relaxed, playful, and frivolous.

11. You have a right to change and grow.

12. It is important to set limits and be ‘selfish.’

13. You can be angry at someone you love.

14. You can take care of yourself no matter what circumstances you are in.

15. You have the right to be illogical in making decisions.

16. You do not have to offer reasons to justify your behavior.

17. You have the right to change your mind.

18. It is OK to tell somebody what your needs are (although they may not care to do anything about it.)

19. You can be the judge of your own behavior, thoughts and emotions and be responsible for their initiation and the consequences upon yourself.

20. You have a perfect right to be happy.

~Original source unknown.

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