My Purple Cattleya

I almost didn’t notice that the purple cattleya orchid I have was blooming again. After closer inspection, I found out the first flower was already wilted and this was the last one on the same stalk..huhu!

Sometimes on certain days I can hardly get out from the house and water my plants. I have to really steal the time every now and then from all the house chores to actually get to do some gardening. So whenever I get to see some of the flowering plants bloom, it really cheer up my day.

I hope as my son grows up, I get to have more time to spend in the garden (well, actually we could if we live and sleep like normal people..haha!)

Oh, I have also decided not to buy any new flowering plants from Floria 2011 bazaar as I think I won’t do the plants any justice. You see, plants need care and a lot of nurturing in order to thrive, for now I have to concentrate all my energy on making sure that my dearest son is growing up well.

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