KL Bird Park Part 2

(Please click the picture to see a bigger size)

Since we are planning to go to the zoo this week, I just remember that I haven’t completed the second part of the KL Bird Park entry done in June.

My son really enjoyed feeding the koi. I liked the area as well since there was no scary bird..haha!

This was taken around the area where we fed the fish. Can’t help noticing the bright red flowers. Actually there were a few hummingbirds (kelicap) around the plant, but it was so hard to take their pictures.

As we walked back to the exit, we passed by the feeding point of the free birds.

I can’t remember the name of this bird. I think it belongs to the pheasant family. Asked Hubby whether he can recall this burung biru, mata merah, he also can’t remember. Maybe next time we should bring some paper and pen and jot down notes like reporter so that I can write an accurate entry. Macam lawatan sambil belajar gitu..haha!

Hopefully our plan to visit the zoo this week will come true. My last visit to Zoo Negara was like 20 years ago..huhu!

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