Ramadhan 2010

I ought to update this blog, though lately I don’t really have the mood to do so..ini kalo tak kerana ads Nuffnang, memang malas tahap gaban nak update..heh!

Well, I managed to complete the first day of Ramadhan, even though around noon time when I gave Milo sejuk to dear son to drink, terasa sangat la kering tekak..huhu! Plus he seems to nurse more after sahur till he woke up at 1pm..very challenging for me, padahal dah minum 2-3 gelas air mineral masa sahur.

Not to mention the amount of shouting and reprimanding that I have to do..yang panjat grille, amik selipar kat luar campak atas karpet..yang nak main bola atas tangga..aduh, sungguh mencabar. At 4:30pm tu rasa macam nak je pegi minum air kat dapor, but then sayang pulak lagi 3 jam nak berbuka.

As usual I won’t be cooking during fasting month. Kasi can la macik2 yang nak cari income lebih kat pasar ramadhan tu..haha!

Anyway, I have made decision to take a year (or maybe a year plus) break from the wedding and craft business. While taking care of the feverish son two weeks ago, I realized that it doesn’t make any sense for me to pursue whatever that I am doing at the expense of my family. My sole responsibility is to raise the son (not that I will have any other child), educate him and give him the best that only a mom could give – undivided attention, love and care. He is my greatest investment dunia dan akhirat.

In my personal view (and based on books that I read), raising a son is tougher emotionally. The make up of their mind and heart is way different from girls. I hope one day, my daughter in law will thank me for making this decision. I hope I could raise a man as sweet as Nick in the movie Picture Perfect..haha!

Happy fasting, people! I plan to buy kuih keria tomorrow..heh!


  1. mq, if making that craft & wedding job could give u some money sayang stop…afterall with this small extra you can provide everything better to him.

    takpe anak tak sihat tu biasa, dugaan-Nya.

    all mommying and no ‘me’ time is not that nice & can be tensed esp for us mommy.

    maybe your situation different tapi i just want to share it with u….
    dulu i rasa takpe bila kurang duit, kurangkanlah budget untuk anak, downgrade susu, diaper, food, education, toy, book dan segalanya. tapi sebenarnya kesian kan..budak2 kecil yg tak tahu apa2, tak tahu demand tu memang senang kita nak kurangkan keperluannya. i sepatutnya berazam utk berikan yg terbaik bukan asyik downgrade memanjang…and i still spend quality time dgn anak.

  2. hun, i so get you. if u were to ask anyone 5 years ago about where i’d be 5 yrs later, the last thing anyone would say is that i’d be a full-time homemaker. but 5 years on and here we are. and its the best freakin decision i’d ever made. and Alhamdulillah, for us the money and budget is just fine. some days yeah sure i do wish my pockets are filled once again with lotssss of extra moolah for personal indulgence and whims, but we get by fine living within our means. and our son gets what i think he deserves.. u couldn’t have put it all in better words (it’s like u read my mind, woman!!) … insyaAllah, hopefully our choice and pengorbanan is the right decision for us and our families.

    hugs! thanks for saying it so succinctly for us who choose to take this path.

  3. Thanks, you girls for the opinion and thought about the issue..I hope the break won’t be permanent, just till the son is independent enough then I’ll be back on my feet pursuing what I love doing..

    Money would never be enough no matter how much you have them..but then again, it’s a matter whether what you have at the moment really give you a sense of peace and happiness inside..

    some women are meant to work outside of the home, it’s what brings the best in them as a person..but certainly not me, especially now that I have a child 🙂

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