The Children Books

I’m taking the chance here to update about children books that we managed to buy at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale last week. The son was tired and decided to sleep early tonight. So by 1:30am I am a free mom..hah!

Among the books that I love so much is the story of Little Wombat. It is a story about being happy with what you already have in life. I can’t wait to read and ponder upon all the pages of these colorful books with the son.

Oh, we bought the Aircraft book even though it is too advanced for a 1-year-old because we think ahead when the time comes for him to do some school work about different type of aircraft. We can scan the picture, print and let him cut and paste them in his buku latihan. Mesti cikgu kata ada extra effort, mesti dapat A and bagi bintang..haha!

I am such a kiasu mother..but who cares..keh keh!

Next year we are hoping to buy more books of his interest at BBW sale.


  1. aaa, best2. aku nak g sebenarnya, but something came up. hmm… xde rezeki. plus kalau aku nak beli more books aku kena beli rak buku dulu! aihhhh…

  2. rak buku? apa tu? haha..aku rak buku semua tak de disusun dgn buku lagi..alasan belum pasang anti topple..padahal malas nak unpack buku2 dlm kotak..keh keh..

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