November is our wedding anniversary month..hehe..and I think I have something in mind that I really want for our wedding anniversary gift..

Other people’s wives will most probably ask for jewelery, designers handbag or even shoes..but I only want this..

And what could I do with that blue box?

For more info about this Pebeo Vitrea 160, check out the website.

Actually I need those paints as a plan B option to enter the craft contest I mentioned in earlier entry. I am buying paper napkins for decoupage from UK with Christmas theme but in case those napkins won’t arrive a few days before the dateline (you know how sometimes customs and our local postal service work very slow..huhu), at least I have some other alternatives.

Oh, and if I don’t win the contest, I can always conduct glass painting class using the kit long I can get the initial investment back..heh!


  1. I’m not asking much in term of price, but usually things I ask for, requires extra effort, time and energy from his side..those that money can’t buy 🙂

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