Another Week To Go..

I just can’t wait for this week to be over (and it’s only Monday..hehe)..reason? Hubby will be clearing off his annual leave early November so the long hols will start early for me this coming weekend..hehe..(feel like a student looking forward for semester break pulak kan..)

We will be going to KL and OU to get stuffs for my craft class during the week off (and most prob on weekdays..yeay! less crowd and less traffic hopefully). And I might be doing some tudung shopping in Jalan TAR as well. Hubby said (despite his disapproval of the design) I should wear tudung that doesn’t need brooch…(ala-ala Ariani gitu) Our son loves munching the stone out of my brooch, there were 2 occasions which I managed to korek his mouth and took out those batu brooch..heeiii..just imagine if he swallows those stone..huhu! Or maybe I should just use safety pin, and pin the tudung from the inside (will I look like makcik wearing tudung like that?..isk!)

On another note, I think I have found another business that I would like to venture into. A friend is getting a very good income from the business, (sapa tak nak duit byk kan?) but for me, I like to join because I believe in the product that the biz is selling. Well, let me dig deeper about the biz opportunity and I will share more once I have all the info.

Got to stop typing now as I want to continue reading the book How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence. Will share info about that as well once I manage to finish reading it. Till then, have a good week ahead, people!


  1. hi, stumbled into your blog through mother of three’s blog. hope u dont mind me linking u up 🙂

    i’ve also taken to wearing the ala-ala-ariani tudungs because it was too much hassle to fiddle with the tudungs with our active fella around! just sharing, there’s this nice shop called “Ratu” in Semua House that sells such tudungs at reasonable prices. nice and cooling materials, and the patterns are really unique lah.

  2. Welcome babybooned 🙂

    Actually I am so malas to tukar fesyen, but with another brooch stone in the mouth today, I have to check out the shop you recommend when we manage to go to Jalan TAR next week..

    I can’t believe the price of such tudung after checking some of the online shops..huhu..what if it doesn’t suit me..what a waste of money..isk isk

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