Bad Day?

Monday is usually a busy day, especially when I have loads of laundry to be hanged outside. Actually I do most of my washing at night, hang them inside in the family hall upstairs and later will hang them out in the sun once I wake up around 11 or 12pm the next day.

But ever since my next door neighbor do her washing during weekend and I don’t feel like fighting for space on our pagar hijau, thus now, my Monday load kind of double up with Friday and weekend clothes.

It is not really a big problem, until it starts to rain in the middle of the hot day..huhu! It’s like one glance to the sky, it’s kind of mendung but since the gloomy clouds are way too far from my place, (mendung tak bererti hujan, kan..keh keh) I was telling myself, tak hujan ni..sempat lagi tunggu sikit lagi baju nak kering, another glance, it’s hot and bright again, (ok, boleh rilek dulu) and all of a sudden it rains, big, big drop of rain..waaaa 🙁 aarghhh..memang tension! Try that with a baby who is about to take a nap, and while you are running around like mad woman trying to salvage the almost-dry clothes, your baby starts his ruins your mood for the day!

In addition to that, there are calls from telemarketer tak paham bahasa who insists that they have tawaran istimewa but trying his best to avoid revealing what the deal is all about..oiii..macam banyak la masa aku nak layan ko kat telefon. And when you tell them that you are not interested and don’t have time to listen, their persistence continues with another phone call hours later.

And then Hubby called telling me that budak kedai lighting called him informing that the lighting I chose is not in stock, and guess what, that particular lighting is the one which he forgot to list down as 2 sets in the first place, and the reason I have to go to the shop the second time (check my previous, previous entry)..memang tak de rezeki la gamaknya. Funny part, Hubby said that guy was so scared that I will go crazy and marah him..keh keh!

Well, it’s just another bad day in the life of a homemaker. It could get even worse, but luckily it didn’t..heh! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

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  1. Mungkin ada kelebihan lain kot klu awak beli design lain….:P
    Kat sini ramai pulak salesman dgn pelbagai gaya bahasa dan pusingan ayat yg dpt disimpulkan “beli brg yg sy jual”. Xkuasa nk layan smp lambat meeting dgn member 1jam…
    How’s ur baby…sy ada beli buku Ibu Kool Bapa Hebat ms pesta buku. Br bc sikit tp ayat dia menyentuh perasaan sbb byk remind sy ms mula2 lahirkan Najmi dulu.
    Take care…tgh pening ni tension pun sama gak

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