The Upset Tummy…

My son who hardly cries succumb to the pain of his upset tummy last night. Blame it on me for eating the black pepper sauce in the Prosperity burger..or was it the Tropical Herbs herbal tea? Well, I’ve drank another cup after lunch today so if he has stomach pain again next morning, then the tea is the culprit.

He started to poop and cried since 4 am till 9 am. I was lost on what to do, I fed him every time he demanded food, I tried to dodoikan (he usually self sooth himself to sleep), I even thought of bathing him in the morning if the pain did not subside. Fortunately he did not wailed out loud, just a manja ek, ek, ek.. with his chubby face turning red and his head, forehead and neck were blazing hot, (I thought he was down with fever) which makes my motherly heart breaks… kesiannya anak aku sakit perut…and it is all my fault for not restraining myself from eating what I shouldn’t eat..huhu!

I’m sorry, son! I will not eat any more food that causes stomach pain for you, for as long as you choose to be breastfed.

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  1. La siannya…ssh hatikan bila dah jd mcm tu.Masa pantang makanan plg best roti bakar + madu itu je yg lain biasa je…

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