What Should I Do?

I’ve been neglecting all the blogs that I have for some time..not that I don’t intend to update but somehow the mood to type out what’s in my mind is just not there. For blogs that need extra research and pictures I just find it much a hassle to edit the pictures and read up the info.

Am I turning into lazy ass these days? Perhaps I should every now and then..hahaha..

Oh, I found this new test at Typealyzer.

The Typealyzer is in a Beta version and for now is capable of analyzing blog written in English. So if you are writing in Malay, it might not be able to generate a type for you. Quoting their disclaimer:

Note: Writing style on a blog may have little or nothing to do with a person´s self-perceived personality.

I’m off to find more tests and quizzes like this online..hehe..this is what people do when they have excess Internet time..haha!

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