Not Much, But Still Will Do..

I have a lot to catch up this November – complete bunga telur for the last client for this year, attend antenatal class, wrap up all the craft classes for this year, clean up the house, hopefully clear up the room upstairs in case anyone need to sleep in that room during my confinement..huhu..

But on the other hand, I might not be doing much cooking this November since I already paid for their service. I wanted to try their lunch and dinner menu and if it’s good perhaps we will continue during my confinement, easier for Hubby to eat at home while attending me and the baby..heh!

Oh, the M&S nursing bra that I bought has arrived, little that I realized that the size conversion between US, European and UK are quite different. Now the nursing bra is like 2 cup bigger..huhu..I’m thinking of buying the Goddess nursing bra and I think I can figure the correct size. Just hope it will fit nicely this time. I might need to buy bra extenders as well since most of my newly bought bras are a little too small across the back.

This weekend I have a few students coming over for bunga dip class. Will have to clear up the already messy living hall by Saturday. Hopefully next week we will be able to go out and watch Quantum of Solace.

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