A House Is Not A Home..

We went to see our almost completed house last week after attending a friend’s Hari Raya open house. It seems that the sliding doors are up, the gate has been painted and even the windows were installed. So the plan to move in by next year is like 90% on track. Usually for a newly developed housing area, it takes around 2 years for the house to be completed. But in our case, the developer is using the build and sell plan so it will minimize the risk of non completion and other finance related problem to the house buyers.

We went to another friend’s house yesterday, attending his first Raya open house and house warming party. We even took the house tour since he has been sharing his home improvement ideas like the plaster ceiling fixtures, the wood laminated floor and kitchen cabinet.

I am yet to see any friend’s house with extravagant bathroom lighting fixtures. I have this dream one day to have my own bathroom the same standard of one in a hotel suite, at least with a separate shower, a bath tub, a large mirror for dressing and makeup area. Thanks to vanity lighting in hotel’s bathroom, my face always look flawless and more beautiful..haha!

Do you know why? When you have lighting like sconces at the side of the bathroom mirror and a row of vanity light at the top of the mirror, it’s not only give your bathroom a coordinated look but provides even lighting for both sides of your face. So when you look at yourself, you’ll see yourself as the stars do in their dressing room.

There are many choices when it comes to contemporary, modern bathroom lighting nowadays. Searching and reading on bathroom lighting tips online certainly help to give clear ideas on what I should invest into. I hope once my house is completed I will have enough budget to make sure at least I could turn the bathroom in the master bedroom to be as close as what I dream to have. I know it will take a lot of effort but in the end I’m sure it will be worth it to turn a house into a sanctuary to call my home.

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