More Baby Stuffs & Maternity Shopping..

It’s been raining daily and somehow it dampens the mood to do anything. I have been planning to update this blog for days but nothing interesting seems to emerge from my mind. We went groceries and maternity shopping during last weekend after attending all the open house invitations but unfortunately I couldn’t find the nursing bra that I need..huhu!

So in the end I decided to buy online brand Marks & Spencer from eBay. Once the first pair arrives and if it fits nicely, I will buy some more. Of course there are many more choices like Goddess, Medela, Anita and Bravado but gosh they are expensive..ranging from 20-60 dollar USD mind you…

Oh, I have another thing related to baby to buy – it’s the My Brest Friend Nursing Travel Pillow. Not sure whether it is really essential for new mom to breast feed but of course in my case I know my limitation. Having this pillow to hold my newborn baby while I’m trying to handle the breastfeeding process will surely help. Even with the postage to Malaysia, the conversion price is still cheaper. Thanks to my effort in making money online, I still have enough in my PayPal to pay all these stuffs..heh!

Oh, I bought the Bebe disposable breast pads, disposable panties and some other maternity and baby stuffs as recommended by friends. Now I just need to sort out what to pack in the bag in case anything emergency comes up..huhu!

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