The Typical Monday

I’ve been meaning to update this blog on Monday afternoon but I was busy chatting and doing laundry. Later I was in the kitchen cooking dinner – masak lemak kobis, goreng cencaru, ayam masak lemak cili padi. Then while watching House I spring clean the bedroom. Have been planning to do that for ages, with all the habuk under the I swept and vacuumed and then once done I took shower and have my dessert of agar-agar merah..heh!

So now since Astro is out because of the rain (I was watching THS – Nicole Kidman), I think I might as well update this blog. After all you might never know when the opps in PPP will give the chance to earn extra USD11-15 so I might as well prepare the interim post..

We went to watch Zohan on Sunday, not that I am a big fan of Adam Sandler but I think he looks better with that old fashion Paul Mitchell’s Avalon hairstyle. It makes me wonder though what is his real hair looks like? Is it curly?

Forget about Adam Sandler, let’s see what is the plan for this week. I need to schedule appointment for check up this Friday, then if the time permits, I want to renew the license for the IT company. Have to check with SSM website if they allow renewal to be done in the post office otherwise it will be a hassle to go to Shah Alam to renew the license…huhu!

Then on weekend we have plan for more stroller, playpen and baby cot window shopping. I am like 80% towards buying Maclaren Techno XT but since Hubby said Graco has better review, we might as well go and check it ourselves.

Apart from that I am still not sure whether to get IKEA baby cot or the less expensive one from Sweet Cherry…(found one sample in Jusco and I kind of like the white cot) Even if we are not buying it now, at least after Hari Raya I already have what to buy in the list.

That’s all for Monday update…another week to go before we start people, eat..heh!


  1. i think i left you a comment yesterday, but as i checked today, it’s not there. hmm..
    anyway, again, i was uploading some pictures and notice i don’t have a pict of you. can you please send me one piece? 🙂
    happy Ramadhan!!

  2. Habuk mmg jd musuh utama. Kdg2 x larat nk bersih kan hari asyik ada je yang melekat. X suka nk guna bulu ayam tu serupa nnt lekat balik. Hari-hari suri rmh mmg lah mcm tu. Belum lagi bl dah ada anak.
    Ni Najmi n Nazihah dah mess up bilik mrk.Waaa mmg x larat nak marah.

  3. Nann..sent the pic already..heh!

    Yin, bukan selalu kemas rumah, setahun 2-3 kali je..rumah semak tak pe, jgn ada sampah bau busuk..hehe!

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